This is a review of the new online grocery delivery service, HonestBee founded in 2014 in Singapore. For a general introduction to this eCommerce shop, please read my earlier article on top 15 online shops in Singapore.

Before engaging HonestBee for online shopping and delivery of my groceries, I wasn’t aware that such deliveries could be free. I was previously using a combination of NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage for my monthly grocery supplies. NTUC charges a delivery fee of S$10.70 for orders below S$60 and S$7.49 for orders above that threshold. Cold Storage charges S$12.00 for orders below S$60 and S$7.00 for orders above that. Honestbee delivery, on the other hand, is free for orders above S$30. One reason why I discovered HonestBee rather late is because I had always believed NTUC Fairprice should be offering consumers the best delivery fees islandwide. I was wrong. So guys please take this as a cue, if you get what I mean. Anyway, I have constructed a table below to compare the delivery charges across the three different merchants:

Comparison of delivery fees

 NTUC FairpriceCold StorageHonestBee
Below S$60S$10.70S$12.00FREE (at least S$30)
Above S$60S$7.49S$7.00FREE

Besides FREE delivery, what is even more appealing is that HonestBee combines grocery selections across all major department stores which are captured in the screen shot below.



This means that online shoppers can take HonestBee as a one-stop online grocery delivery service without the need to visit several different merchants to get all the stuff they want. Furthermore, for first timers using their service, HonestBee offers free delivery with only a minimum order of S$10. The final compelling reason to engage their service is that they offer ‘same-day’ delivery service, which means your orders will be delivered on the same day you order them. Usually, delivery will be made in less than a few hours after you have confirmed your order online. They deliver from 11am to 10pm, including Sundays and Public Holidays!

When my order arrived, I discovered that they have included ice packs for items which are supposed to be refrigerated. Also, the items are not packed in flimsy plastic bags like those from NTUC or Cold Storage but rather in nice custom-made HonestBee shopping bags which you will not feel embarrassed to bring with you to the supermarket next time.



All in all, well done HonestBee. Highly recommended if you regularly purchase groceries online or if you are a busy professional looking to save time shopping for groceries and queuing up. To sum up, HonestBee offers

  1. FREE delivery for orders above S$30
  2. Same-day delivery service
  3. Delivers from 11am to 10pm even on public holidays
  4. Combines groceries and products from many major department stores
  5. Packs your items in custom-made shopping bags
  6. Includes ice-packs for cold items
HonestBee – online FREE Grocery Delivery Service

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